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The fog in San Francisco in the summer can hide a lot of things, but a dead body on the first tee of the exclusive Highland Heights golf course is not one of them. When Detective Randy Berger, a full time cop and part time artist, begins his investigation, one thing becomes apparent. The murder victim, a successful interior designer, whose clients read like the fortune 500 of the Bay Area, was hated by almost everyone he worked with. The list of the possible suspects might even include the Mayor.

When Berger finds a cache of drugs hidden in the walls of the designer’s Nob Hill home, the possibilities of who might have caused the death increase. Berger’s life is threatened by El Salvador gangsters when they discover he found the drugs in the home.

Once the FBI and DEA get involved, the case takes on an international flavor. The problem becomes much greater than just finding the murderer of the interior designer.



Two Baltimore patrolmen are cruising around Druid Hill Park when a call comes over their radio for emergency help on Eutaw Place.  Two men had robbed a jewelry store and were cornered by the police and a gun battle began.  The patrolmen immediately respond.  As they arrive, Sergeant Murphy jumps out of the car to take shelter.  His partner patrolman Stein is a half step behind him and gets shot.  Their lives will be changed forever.

A well-dressed woman and her 10 year old son are window shopping on Charles Street as two cars pass each other, windows open, guns appear, and shooting begins.  The ten year old is accidentally shot and killed.  Their lives will be changed forever.

The wealthy father of the little 10 year old, after a year of seeking to find the people who shot his son, seeks revenge.  The City of Baltimore will be changed forever.

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Young girls, ages three to early twenties, are disappearing from the streets of Baltimore. Several of these girls are found murdered and left in Druid Hill Park. In order to find their murderer, Detective Bronsky must travel into the world of pornography.

The deaths of these young girls becomes even more puzzling when Esther Casey, an assistant district attorney, is kidnapped after she convicts the leader of a drug gang. Her world is turned upside down as she is dropped into the trunk of a car heading for Tijuana, Mexico and a life of prostitution. Her disappearance will have ripple effects that lead to gang warfare in Baltimore.

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IMG_0880.JPGThe newly elected President of the United States, Robert Barker, has to pick a new Supreme Court Judge. He makes a decision as to how this could be accomplished, that unpredictably places the life of the former president, William Burk, in jeopardy.

FBI agent Steve Sagan is placed in charge of catching the would be assassin who is trying to kill the former president, only to find himself the killer’s target.

The President becomes aware of a middle east problem when a massive explosion occurs in the Gaza Strip, killing a hundred civilians. The fear of another middle east war gets the CIA and Mossad involved with both the Israelis and the Palestinians.

The rumors over the last few months of a meeting between the Israelis and three middle eastern countries confuses the situation and amplifies the destruction in Gaza.

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